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Donna Lewis is the proud mother of three sons who were educated in Arizona public schools.  After attending Northern Arizona University for her undergraduate degree, Donna obtained her masters at the University of Arizona followed by a Doctorate from George Washington University in Educational Leadership.

Donna began her career in education as a classroom teacher and gifted specialist followed by years spent as a site administrator serving as principal for elementary, middle and high schools.  Donna’s leadership ability was sought by Cave Creek Unified School District and Creighton Unified School District, both neighboring districts of SUSD, to serve as both Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent.  In the role of Superintendent, Donna led a school governing board that was recognized, receiving the “Golden Bell Award for Community Engagement” and ”Governing Board of the Year” award by the Arizona School Boards Association. Donna, herself, was named the 2021 Arizona’s National Superintendent of the Year.  Donna’s accomplishments include guiding schools from Cs/Ds/Fs to As/Bs/Cs through innovative approaches fully embracing the wishes and dreams of those parents and teachers in their respective communities.

In addition to her career, Donna has volunteered to help districts serving on their override and bond committees and assisting with fundraising for school foundations.  Donna believes that through authentic collaboration and a willingness to “dare” that ALL students can achieve any goal they desire and she is ready to serve SUSD to help them reach that goal.

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